The Brook Institute Welcomes You!

Accessible Somatic Therapy for Adults, Families, Couples, and Children

The Brook Institute is a state of the art treatment center for body-centered Somatic Therapy founded by Dr. Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC. We help both therapists and clients change their lives using body-mind centering  and re-patterning techniques to alter negative behaviors and overcome personal difficulties.  Blending neuroscience, attachment psychology, and somatic re-patterning of  behavior, The Brook Institute works with your mind and body to alleviate depression, anxiety, or thoughts/actions of self-harm. At The Brook Institute we believe in education as well as treatment and seek to teach individuals, couples, and families the skills to build healthier lives.

Our BodyMind Specialties Include Therapy and Coaching:

Get the Best Results

We are made of energy; emotions, thoughts, spiritual intuitions, and body parts. All moves along beneath the conscious mind. At the Brook Institute we work with energy as movement. Mental movement without awareness (as in over-thinking, or obsessive thinking) creates exhaustion and repetitive trauma or behaviors. Our body-centered work gives you new information in order to make those changes you seek. We provide home practices so you can get the results you want. Coaching or therapy is an education process of learning to listen, feel, use and work with the bodymind. When we access and release those hidden stories that hijack emotions and clear thinking, we find true freedom. You can be who you came here to be!~