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Welcome to The Brook Institute!

Accessible Somatic Therapy for Adults, Families, Couples, and Children

We have something to fit your needs and budget. We offer both high-end master therapist or coaching sessions and quality lower cost affordable mental health clinical services with our trained staff.

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Leave your past where it belongs and learn to communicate more openly, enjoy your family, spouse, and yourself!

The Brook Institute is a state of the art treatment center for body-centered Somatic Therapy. We help both therapists and clients change their lives. Our team of specialists is trained and supervised by Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC

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Healing Power Struggles, with Annie Brook, audio interview

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In this interview you will learn:

  • What does the Power Triangle have to do with parenting our children.
  • What can you do when you recognize a Power Triangle in your relationship with your child (or partner)?
  • What is sneaky power vs real power?
  • How our child’s early life “Hidden Story” can show up in power struggles and what to do about it!


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Annie Brook is an author, educator and master therapist in high demand. Her most recent publication, Birth’s Hidden Legacy,  offers insight, case studies, and treatment for events and behaviors related to a difficult birth

Annie Brook engages the audience and answers questions

Annie knows how to teach. Gain insight and practical skills that you can apply!


Annie once said something like this to me. “While parents of a newborn are celebrating the birth, the infant is experiencing trauma and perhaps terror.”

Of course! As a psychologist who has been a student of human behavior for his entire professional life, I should not have been surprised . . . but I was. The obvious became visible. Our first born was a very hard birth, requiring forceps. We simply assumed that it was “normal” and that he would recover. Therefore, as a parent, I regret not reading the essence of her book many years ago. My wife and I and our children would have benefited.

I recommend that you read Birth’s Hidden Legacy with these core propositions in mind:

• Of course birth is traumatic, probably terrifying, to the infant.
• Of course this pre-understanding trauma registers in the infant’s emotions.
• Of course these emotions are stored in the body and will shape future behavior.
• Of course we will not be aware of how pre-cognitive trauma impacts our present life.
• Of course getting help to uncover and heal the trauma will include physical movement.
• Of course physically bonding to repair the injury with an infant is essential.

If you read it with these ideas as perspective, Annie will take you into what she’s learned in 30 years of practice helping families cope with these Hidden Legacies…RS, founder, Corporate Consulting and Education

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We help adults overcome the shock and trauma associated with precognitive impressions that cause depression, anxiety, procrastination and self harm thoughts and actions.

Early Attachment work coupled with Body-Mind Centering® Re-patterning helps heal anxiety and symptoms unknowingly related to long ago Birth Trauma!

Client Testimonial

“Hi Annie,
 I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me about my anxieties…and my overall sensitivity…It feels that you really understand and are not judgmental but instead very supportive and reassuring.  

Last week’s session was really helpful…Now I have a solid plan to shift my internal state, and a new understanding of how my sensitivities and fears arose.  My BMC practitioner and I did some work after the session with you and I feel that I have already made some gains since then.  I am practicing daily.
It was a very long road to finally find you and… this type of effective attachment/re patterning work.  I am so glad.
Thank you so much and I look forward to a follow up with you when my BMC practitioner and I need some more guidance.”anonymous client


We specialize in BodyMind treatments for:Photo of Toddler in red tunnel

  • Birth Trauma and it’s long term effects
  • Helping Adoptive families integrate and become successful
  • Help Couples to overcome frustration and disappointment
  • Children struggling with behavior difficulties
  • Helping adults with anxiety, obsessions, and depression
  • Helping adults overcome long standing issues of spiritual bypass and procrastination

Our therapy gets to the root of issues, and builds new skills and strengths. We treat individuals, couples and families. Therapy is inner work, but it is work that gets results.


Parents are engaged and learn new skills

We believe in education as well as treatment. Movement re-patterning is the basis of our treatment. We address the earliest shock and trauma of the nervous system.

The Brook Institute  methods are exceptional to get to the root of difficulties. Blending neuroscience, attachment psychology, somatic re-patterning of  behavior, healing of birth trauma, and the processing of generational issues frees the body-mind and spirit.

The neuroscience behind human behavior:

Graphic of human head and brainWe treat the brain for lasting change. Our methods are grounded in the latest neuroscience and somatic kinesthetic sciences. We work directly with the perceptions, sensory motor regulation and use movement to re-pattern behavior.

The Brook Institute Offers:

Learn more about Annie’s Newest Book Releases:

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