Welcome to The Brook Institute!

Accessible Somatic Therapy for Adults, Families, Couples, and Children

The Brook Institute is a state of the art treatment center for body-centered Somatic Therapy founded by Dr. Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC. We help both therapists and clients change their lives using body-mind centering  and re-patterning techniques to alter negative behaviors and overcome personal difficulties.  Blending neuroscience, attachment psychology, and somatic re-patterning of  behavior, The Brook Institute works with your mind and body to alleviate depression, anxiety, or thoughts/actions of self-harm. At The Brook Institute we believe in education as well as treatment and seek to teach individuals, couples, and families the skills to build healthier lives.

Our BodyMind Specialties:

  • Understanding and overcoming birth trauma and it’s long term effects in adults and children
  • Integration therapy for Adoptive children and families
  • Reconnection therapy for couples
  • Children struggling with behavior difficulties or depression
  • Adults struggling with anxiety, obsessions, or depression
  • Adults struggling with long standing issues of spiritual bypass and procrastination