About Annie Brook

Annie Brook, Founder of The Brook Institute

Annie Brook is essay an exquisitely trained Somatic therapist with a true passion for fostering healing through the integration of body-mind awareness and psychotherapy. She has over three decades of experience working with children, adults, couples, and other professionals in her field to bring Somatic therapy to as many individuals as possible. Annie’s unique approach blends psychology with developmental neuroscience, sensory-motor integration, and play therapies to help others discover and repair the true root of do my homework their issues.

As a co-owner of Colorado Therapies, a published author, renowned life coach, and sought after public speaker, Annie Brook is highly regarded in the Somatic community. In addition to running a psychotherapy practice since the late 1970’s, Annie has continually worked to help those in the most difficult situations such as abused foster children, adopted children and their families, and gang youth.

Along with her love for clinical psychotherapy work, Annie also possesses a spirit adventure and has spent much of her life traveling the world. Whether it’s building a log cabin in Maine, practicing as a stoneware potter in Scotland, or working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska her joie de vivre cannot be stifled. Annie currently spends a majority of her time in Boulder, Colorado and is still actively publishing, speaking, and teaching others about the benefits of Somatic Practice. In her free time Annie loves kayaking, painting, movement performance art, and songwriting.

Ph.D. in Perinatal and Somatic Psychology, Human Sexuality and Development
MA in Family Systems Therapy and Organizational Development: Specialty in Conflict Resolution
BA in Somatic Psychology

Registered Movement Educator ISMETA
Certified Body-Mind Centering® instructor*
Certified Body-Mind Psychotherapist
Certified Tantra instructor
Certified BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Certified Pre and Perinatal Therapist
Certified Yoga instrutor
Jin Gui Chi Gung Graduate

*Body-Mind Centering® is a registered service mark and BMCSM are service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.

USABP (Association for Body Psychotherapy)
Body-Mind Centering® Association
APPPAH (Birth Psychology resources and membership)