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  • Importance of Baby’s Grasp

    The Grasp is so so important! The brain knows the importance of grasp, and gives the hand big real estate compared to the rest of the body. Make sure your infant is grasping objects. The best is a simple ring toy. Taking hold of objects is driven by a primitive reflex. It influences shoulder integration, reduces […]

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  • Before Birth of a Boy Baby

    Congratulations! You are having a boy Yes, and now is the time to read up and consider a sensitive topic, whether to circumcise. A difficult topic, but worthy of your consideration….Male circumcision is actually infant male circumcision in western culture…and that makes a difference. Consider that boy infants do not really know they exist outside of Mom’s […]

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  • Mantras for Healing Tantra #11

    Mantras Mantras are sound meditations. We all sing along with the radio, hopefully you do? Moving energy through the throat chakra is very important. Like the tin man in Wizard of Oz, you have to keep oiling the joints of the throat to be healthy and fully embodied. Singing moves the larynx and resonates the […]

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  • Walking baby viral video so ignorant!

    The “walking baby” video (link below) has gone viral. It is so filled with the ignorance around early reflexes and attachment! I am sad and angered by this ignorance. Described as a miracle, this is a normal post birth response that helps a baby find the breast. That infant should be on mom’s belly, being […]

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  • We will care for the remainder

    Frequently, you are able to catch valuable insights to assist you grow to be a better thinker. Reason with a few of the situations you’ve taken from the experience. In scenarios such as this, where achievement is an important element, teamwork can assist you. The future maybe not just appears vibrant, the moment the perspective […]