Child and Family Sessions

Photo of disfunctional family

Family Life  can make or break your world

Are you working hard for no rewards? Feeling trapped? Finding yourself fantasizing about other partners or turning to substance abuse? Numbing out, or simply not being the best person you can be? Afraid to speak up because it will end in a fight?

Family Therapy can help!

Here at the Brook Institute we look not just at current events, but at long standing patterns. We ask questions:

  • Who is running this family?
  • Where’s the real power?
  • Who is doing “what and why” that makes the family stressed
  • What are you doing that sabotages love?
  • Why is no one allowed to be happy?
  • Is there a good enough way to listen to each other?
  • Are you on the Power Triangle?

Not Just Talk, but Tools for Family Therapy

At the Brook Institute, we look at the hidden stories beneath difficult behavior. We look at generational imprints that underly stress. We ask parents how they were raised and look for emotional wounds left unprocessed that reappear as triggers and disappointments. We look at how the birth of children changed the dynamics of the family.

annie holding baby as toddler looks on

Finally, we teach family communication and pleasure skills. We want you to have success in your family therapy and your children to feel accomplished and successful.

  1. Learn the “awareness wheel” for clear communication
  2. Get off the Power Triangle
  3. Develop skillful ways of sharing space, time, and energy
  4. Learn playful and useful ways to interact
  5. Teach your children to enjoy each other

Family Therapy Inventory

How is your family life? Take this little quiz to find out. Rate yourself for each question on a scale of 1-5: 1 never, 2 rarely, 3 sometimes, 4 often, 5 usually

1. I enjoy coming home to my family after work or time away _____
2. My children speak to me and we share stories of our day  _____
3. I am comfortable asking for help when I need it _____
4. My spouse and I show our affection and have solo time when we need it _____
5. I feel comfortable speaking about difficult things with my children and spouse _____

If you scored 12 or less, your enjoyment and family life is suffering! Family therapy can help right the ship of your shared pleasure and help you navigate those stormy seas that are a natural part of life.

The first step in getting relief is contacting us today!

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Families work better with cooperation and intimacy. Children relax when they can repair interruptions due to birth or early attachment stress. Regain or develop this capacity for the first time! Explore whether you “lost connection with your spouse” when your children arrived, especially if a difficult birth or your children are adopted. Inquire about the impact of “blended families.” Find the partnership needed to parent well by learning to navigate skills of conflict and emotional health. Reclaim intimacy, playfulness, and effective family life.