Hands On Body-Mind Centering

Do your know your body’s performance map? That reflexes are the alphabet of movement patterning? How reflexes increase coordination? Did you know you can bring balance to your muscles through BMC hands on and movement sessions with Annie Brook?

BMC is a unique method of hands on healing and integration. Developed from aspects of Occupational Therapy, it is an international method of state of the art hands on work that expands range of motion, simplifies effort, brings balance to nerves, and treats the entire bodymind.

Improve Your Athletic Performance and Heal Injuries

  • Flexibility
  • “Optimal Athlete” Skills
  • Brain Repair
  • Greater Comfort
  • Increased Trust
  • Playfulness
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Spinal & Limb Integration
  • Awareness Of All Body Systems

Awaken your natural intelligence and listen from the inside out. Revisit development to heal injuries. Principles based on Body-Mind Centering® and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral bring great relief to injuries, improve coordination, and increase brain function. Movement ease comes from structural support, healthy crawling patterns, and an increased subtlety of tissue sensation and internal inquiry. Find the support of all body systems, not just muscular-skeletal tissue. This brings improved health, athletic coordination, and ease.

Body-Mind Centering® is integrated conscious movement. It will give you greater flexibility, coordination, and awareness. It develops mindfulness based on awareness of sensation. It is useful for healing injuries, gaining optimal performance, and balancing stress. It provides the physical foundation for intimate relating.


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