Somatic Psychotherapy sessions free your Body-Mind

Photo of Depressed woman look out rainy window The Brook InstituteFree Your Body-Mind! It records all events, including ancestral influences well below the thinking brain and events stored in cellular memory. Our sessions release outdated behavior responses.

Physical and emotional pain live in the brain. Our somatic psychotherapy methods are designed to relieve your pain.

Power, pleasure and peacefulness belong together! Our Sessions support people to free energy and find integration.

Movement is our first language, babies speak through their bodies and make sounds long before they develop language. Early impressions live in the survival based and associative memory area of the brain. These impressions  underlie adult pain. Adults and children carry imprinted trauma that limits joy and ease. Body-centered methods and free the bodymind. New choices become possible.

Free Your body-mind from destructive patterns and heal your life!

Woman Leaping in air individual body-mind sessions

Blend the latest neuroscience, emotional healing and body integration. We use:

  • Developmental movement and primitive reflexes to retrain your brain and nervous system
  • Spatial awareness to open social ability
  • Awareness of the organs and tissues of the body in order to locate emotional blocks and find flow
  • Body systems and kinesthetic tools for a greater sense of embodied presence and groundedness
  • Training in neuroanatomy and the Autonomic Nervous System map to develop safety and trust.

We address all the body systems and tissues to find new perceptions that allow for new behavior.

Comfortably stand in your own shoes and feel at ease in the world.

Our work is personally tailored, safe and effective. We recommend these sessions for individual adults who want personalized attention and the ability to learn at your own pace. Expect to have a greater sense of vitality, and be able to handle emotional intimacy and intensity. Your relationships will improve and you will find balance in your life.

Free your body-mind From Destructive Patterns

  • Change Is Lasting
  • Sessions Awaken “Blueprint for Health”
  • Integrate Thoughts And Feelings
  • Put Life-Long Distress To Rest
  • Get To Unconscious Material Fast
  • Move Beyond The “Story”
  • Develop Healthy Self-Control

Take the Next Step. Call or email for your first session.

Phone: 720-8398-4332
Email subject line: Individual counseling

Note: Sessions provided by Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC, or trained and supervised staff members. Sessions are 55 minutes unless scheduled otherwise.

“Annie’s therapeutic work is a potent mix of deep intuition, an abundant knowledge of body and nervous system patterns and pure love. She meets you in the depths of your being and says hello to your earliest cellular imprints, greeting the most fragile aspects of self with great compassion and care. Once she has established this deep, trusting relationship even your most challenging physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges can be transformed into powerful circulating energy. Working with Annie is a journey towards becoming more alive.” ~ Allison Weliky, LPC, MA