Get Results: Advanced Therapy Training

How Effective is Your Therapy?

Do you feel you may be only scratching the surface with your clients? Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? It’s time to deepen your presence and become an even more effective therapist: add body-mind somatic skills for a powerful change! Your potency in therapy is a product of your presence, skills, and knowledge and your clients can feel it! Enhance your therapy by studying body-mind somatics to bring about lasting results and keep your treatment dynamic and personalized.

The Brook Institute is always looking for advanced therapists who are ready to participate in a deeper level of somatic learning. Our Somatic Attachment training incorporates the alphabet of movement, developmental movement skills, interactive group process, and body systems interventions to help re-pattern the brain and behavior. We train therapists to listen for and respond to the client’s established sense of self encoded in the body story. Trainees learn to recognize the nuances of attachment dynamics, shock, and very subtle processes. With these skills, you can reach the deeper origins of pains, addictions, and fears.

The Brook Institute Difference

At The Brook Institute, we believe strongly that pre-cognitive events drive behavior throughout your lifetime. Our earliest impressions of safety or danger become our perception of “normal” are deeply rooted in the primitive brain and the social-emotional system. Lingering subconscious traumas can have a negative impact for years. This is why people justify and repeat non-helpful behaviors. Our trainings help you learn the skills to deal with your client’s internalized primitive brain identity beliefs and how this connects to their pre-cognitive body-mind experience. This practice can help to eliminate negative responses to stress as well as non-effective behavior. Once you have completed a Brook Institute training you can help your clients integrate through the body to release shock and help them take charge of their lives!

In our Somatic Attachment trainings, you can expect to touch on multiple topics and hone in on many of your skills. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Understanding the latest neuroscience: know whether you are treating shock or trauma
  • Enhancing observation and intervention skills: finding the right tools for the right treatment
  • Deepening body-mind awareness: learn to address the first impressions of identity
  • Learning movements that help integrate identity and strengthen self-worth
  • Address behaviors, expressions, and thoughts to interrupt cyclical dysfunctional patterns


Find Which Course Is Right for You

Can’t wait to get started? We can’t wait to have you! Join us and cultivate your skills to provide authentic and effective therapy that produces successful and lasting change.

Upcoming Courses:

  • Somatic Psychology Workshop
  • Somatic Couples Workshop
  • Play Therapy & Children’s Somatic Skills Workshop
  • Infant Somatic Skills Workshop

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“Annie is a dynamic group facilitator, who is full of fierceness and compassion. She teaches from an authentic, heart- filled, intelligent, heart and mind. Annie offers a comprehensive and experiential field in which to explore and to understand our earliest developmental patterns and those of our clients. As we begin to uncover these survival based strategies from infancy, Annie offers new choices for how to be in life more completely and have more nurturing and satisfying relationships. Annie’s groups are filled with space for personal exploration, somatic practice, and wise insight to bring back into your personal life as well as your professional life.” Allison Weliky, LPC, MA

“The work is profound. It has shifted things inside that nothing else has touched…The work gave me my first real openings to experiencing and understanding safety, in myself and in others. Feeling safety. Deeply feeling safe.

I learned how to really, really, really slow it down so I am not re-stimulating my trauma. I learned skills to slow myself down and track my own trauma responses/triggers so that I don’t dissociate (something I don’t think I even knew how how often I did) but stay present and let my nervous system settle and reintegrate…The training put me in more awe than I could have imagined regarding early imprinting and the power and lasting effects it can have on us.  Now I know what anesthesia given to Mom can do to baby. Not intellectually, I have real physical experience to it. And I am gradually clearing this imprinting out of my system. Slowly, patiently teasing apart and unraveling.

This training has dramatically and irrevocably altered my life in so many positive ways. Annie models the work so expertly in just the way she “holds space” during the trainings.” Michael Mathieu, certified Advanced Rolfer