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6 Comment

  1. Do you post your books to the UK?

    1. Annie Brook says:

      Yes, happy to post to the UK.
      Place your order online, or send me an email and we can figure out what works best.

  2. Ruth Williams says:

    Hi Annie

    I would like to buy your Contact Improvistion Manual but not sure if you ship to the UK?

    Many thanks Ruth

    1. Annie Brook says:

      Hi Ruth:

      I can ship internationally now. Just let me know where you are…

  3. Diana Yourell says:

    I would like to know if you work with adults with sensory issues. I am a highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and am finding the I often have sensory overload and overwhelm that leads to tears and fears. I am especially sensitive to too much light and visual input, information overload and emotional intensity. This has been and exasperated condition for the past 18-24 months while I have gone through menopause. I see an acupuncturist, a vision therapist, a cranio therapist and homeopath yet my nervous system still needs support – and I need better strategies to cope. I do fine much of the time, yet my life and activities have become limited since all this started – – do you think your work can help? (So you know, I am the CEO of the SE Trauma Institute)

    you can contact me via email or by phone at 720-280-9827 – THANK YOU!

    1. Annie Brook says:

      Hi Diana:

      Thanks for your comment and I am sorry to hear of your added distress related to menopause. I apologize for just getting back to you now, I have not known all the intricacies of blogging and just saw your comment today.
      I was trained by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, who is simplay a master at understanding the bodymind and helping it to find resiliency. I would be happy to explore this type of work with you. Where I think it differs from SE is that we do so much with proprioception, and the brain stem regulation. As well, the addition of the perinatal, which is my specialty, often helps trauma loops that are pre-cognitive resolve. One of my clinical hunches is that whenever hormones change, as in adolescent, or menopause, that an echo of birth trauma arises. This gives an opportunity for deep healing.

      So those are my thoughts. If you wish to schedule a consult, you can phone me directly at 720-839-4332
      Best to you, Annie Brook

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