Marriage Counseling

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When communication fails, relationships fail.

  • Are you dissatisfied with your sex life?
  • Are you and your partner involved in destructive arguing?
  • Do you respond to anger defensively?
  • Is it impossible to rationally discuss your problems?
  • Is sullen silence destroying your marriage or relationship?

Learn the skills and practice getting clear. Open options of intimacy. Link the sacred with the sexual and find the shared joy of life.

A healthy conflict resolution method and ability to meet issues creates a better household and family!

We know that marriage counseling can be intimidating. At the Brook Institute, we will support both partners in an non judgmental environment.

Learn the five step Rescue your Relationship Process:

  1. Identify your part in the problem
  2. Learn to get off the Power Triangle
  3. Practice communicating using the Awareness Wheel
  4. Learn to integrate your three brains: Head, Heart and Gut
  5. Learn the Satisfaction Cycle
Learn to get off the power triangle through marriage counseling
Learn about the Power Triangle

This healing process begins with an initial couples session to identify problems and goals. Couples will identify ingrained beliefs, projected beliefs and begin the process of change.

In Our Marriage Counseling Sessions You Will Learn:

  • How to track your physical and emotional triggers
  • How to bring your self into balance
  • Stay present when there is an emotional charge
  • Learn to use the power of emotions to find clarity and pleasure

A successful relationship involves having fun together and working as a team. This is important whether it relates to parenting, socializing, problem solving or even making love. Marriage Counseling can help you reconnect and rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Begin the healing process today! 

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